The Paiche (Arapaima gigas) is a fascinating fish from the Amazon river basin.

It is a carnivore that in the wild can grow beyond 200 kilos, and for millennia has been in natural balance with the ecosystem and the small populations of Peruvians who inhabit the Amazon jungle, who enjoyed this fish since ancient times.

Its flesh has a unique flavour and texture which has made people hunting it irresponsibly, to the point that now we worry about its population and the species is protected.

Amazone is a Peruvian initiative to domesticate the paiche from hatchery to maturity, making its flesh available to people around the world without any interference with the wild stocks of paiche or its environment, thus preserving this beautiful and delicious fish for generations to come.

The commercial availability of this sustainable source of paiche, along with its connected economic activities, would discourage people from engaging in other forms of illegal activities such as poaching or narcotics production.

The culinary appeal of the paiche is given by its texture, neutral flavour and rich content of proteins and Omega-3s, which provides chefs of all origins and styles with a versatile premium fish to fuel their inspiration.

Paiche, "The King of The Amazon", has made its début in Singapore in 2015 and we are sure it will soon capture the attention and preference of the foodie community.

**You can learn more about our Amazone paiche and how is produced in the below video.

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